Thermomix Thailand Bangkok TM5
Thermomix TM5 Thailand Bangkok

Step away from the stove – your Thermomix ® will take care of the cooking, too, with precise control for easier meals. Thousands of recipes now could not be any easier with Thermomix ®

Unlike traditional cooking on a stove, Thermomix ® ensures a precise, constant temperature that is automatically regulated and easy to adjust using the temperature selector dial and touchscreen display. Warm, heat, cook or sauté in the mixing bowl with controls at your fingertips to ensure perfect results every time. As mixing is taken care of, too, you can be confident that nothing will stick or burn on the mixing bowl.

Whether you want simple home-cooking or haute cuisine, there are literally thousands of recipes available that adapt existing dishes to be cooked with Thermomix ® (available on the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform, Recipe Chips, or via our app for smartphones and tablets). However, once you start thinking in Thermomix ® mode, there are infinite possibilities to adapt your own recipes as well.

For example, with Thermomix’s ® ability to chop, heat and blend all in one bowl, you can quickly prepare creamy soups from a few fresh ingredients – just blitz at the end of the cooking time for a silky smooth finish. Or for casseroles or chunkier dishes where you want to maintain textures, you can change the rotation direction and mix with the reverse side of the knife.