Thermomix Thailand cooking classes

When you have one of the world’s most powerful kitchen appliances, you will of course want to make the most of its enormous potential. This is why we host our very own Thermomix ® cooking classes.

Cooking classes will inspire you to use your Thermomix daily. Together we explore the huge potential of Thermomix and you can also learn from our vast experience of Thermomix cooking. Classes are designed specifically for cooking with your Thermomix ® and are a fantastic way to discover new and exciting uses for your Thermomix ® − and all in a friendly environment.

Each class is hosted by an expert Thermomix ® representative, or top Chef, and offers a totally unique approach to learning about and using your Thermomix ® for creating fantastic new menus for the whole family. Everything from baking, party food, lunches and snacks, lunchbox ideas for kids − the list is endless.

Cooking should be enjoyable and we love sharing the fun with others. Join us for our fun-filled cooking sessions. The next one might just be around your area!   You may contact your advisor for more information on the cooking class schedule.