Thermomix Thailand Bangkok recipe chip

Thermomix’s ® Guided Cooking is the innovation for guaranteed success that takes you step by step through recipes to achieve perfect results. Time and temperature settings are set automatically by your Thermomix ® – cooking has never been easier!

Even complicated dishes are made easy with Guided Cooking. Thermomix’s ® Recipe Chips are a unique innovation that lets you display recipes directly onscreen. With Guided Cooking, just select a recipe from the Recipe Chip and you’ll see clear step-by-step directions so you know exactly what you need to do. Time and temperature are preset for every step so all you need to do is add the ingredients – let Thermomix ® weigh them for you – and activate the speed selector.


Once you’ve completed a step, just touch “Next” to see the following set of instructions. Success is guaranteed, and even the most inexperienced cooks will be preparing dishes they never would have imagined they could in their own kitchens. And if you’re more comfortable cooking your way, you can override Guided Cooking and adjust settings manually.