Thermomix Thailand STEAMING TM5


Steaming food is made easy with the clever Varoma attachment, which fits on top of the mixing bowl lid and makes it possible to steam ingredients while cooking in your mixing bowl.

Steaming is a great way to gently cook food that preserves more of its flavour and nutrients. The Varoma makes steaming fast and easy.

Using the Varoma, you can even cook a low-calorie, healthy and complete meal all at once. Place the potatoes in the Simmering Basket, the vegetables in the Varoma dish and fish or meat on the Varoma tray.

Add water to the mixing bowl, set to Varoma temperature and you will have a healthy meal in minutes. Varoma means cooking food in vapour with aroma, so just add some spices to the water in the mixing bowl and let aromatic steam gently cook your favourite fish or meat.